Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Kiss

This week my blogging counterpart, Steve, our Evening Supervisor, Roland Johnson, and I trekked up to the Thompson Center in Chicago to meet with Secretary of State and State Librarian Jesse White, and Director of the State Library Anne Craig. I contacted Anne Craig a few months ago about the possibility of interviewing her for a podcast. We hit the jackpot! Not only did Anne Craig agree, but she invited Secretary White to participate in the podcast. The podcast opened the door for us to spend about an hour and half with Anne Craig, and about forty-five minutes with Secretary White, time focused on our Library and community.

It was a surreal experience for me. We are not a big library; we don’t have any special clout or inside connections, yet here were these two extremely important and influential people taking time from their busy schedules for us. We were truly honored and I was pretty much left speechless.

Not very many elected officials have the courage to publicly say they don’t think filters are a good idea, but Secretary White did. I could have kissed him. To my surprise, when we left, he kissed me on the check. I may never wash my face again.

Cindy Fuerst
Library Director


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