Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How Much is a Nickel Worth?

My favorite Aunt loved to say that the Lutherans lost her for a nickel. Every Sunday my Grandmother would send her off, with little sister in tow, to the neighborhood Lutheran Church. One Sunday they were serving some sort of ice cream treat. My Aunt went to take one for herself and her sister, but was stopped by a church lady. She didn't have the required nickel; she was so embarrassed and hurt that she never went back.

The next Sunday, when my Grandmother sent her daughters off to church, my Aunt took her sister across the street, to the neighborhood Catholic Church. My Aunt passed away last year. She was a devoted and active Catholic her entire life, as are her children and grandchildren. Imagine how my family history would have changed if that church lady had been empowered to waive the nickel fee for the ice cream treat.

It amazes me how the incidental acts of others can snowball to impact the course of our lives. Is it possible that a smile, a friendly greeting by name, a phone call, a grace period on overdue materials could create generations of library supporters? I think my Aunt would have said yes.

Make it a great day for yourself, and someone else.

Library Director


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