Monday, December 03, 2007

Library Elves

I always struggle with how much a public library, or any government building for that matter, should decorate for the holidays. In my first few years as a director I felt somewhat Grinch like. I didn’t forbid holiday decorations at our Library (as long as they were politically correct) but I certainly didn’t do anything to encourage them either. This year Santa’s elves invaded our Library. Every time I walk through the building, more decorations seem to magically appear. There are snowmen, little lighted houses, sparkly faux snow, movable lighted deer, poinsettias, garland, stockings, and not one, not two, not three, not four, but five decorated trees – including a ten foot tall one in the café area. It’s very festive around here, and truth be told, I am feeling rather jolly about it.

Our Library is right down town, and the City’s Christmas tree is a block away, visible from our parking lot. This year we were asked to be part of the City’s tree lighting festivities. So along with Santa, there was Clifford the Bid Red Dog and Library Elves. There was the switching on of the lights for the City’s tree, and there was the “wreathing” of the Library’s lions. This year Kankakeeans began their holiday season by visiting the Library. I think that is something worth decking the halls for, and to be very jolly about.

Happy Holidays,
Cynthia Fuerst
Library Director


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