Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In the Green

Something scary is going to happen to our library next year. Something that hasn't happened in the ten years I've worked here. It has the potential of profoundly changing my working situation. Kankakee will be choosing a new mayor. Mayor Don Green has held office for four terms, 16 years by the time he finishes up next year. In that time, he has helped lift our Library out of a 105 year old building into an impressive new facility. He's lead the revitalization of our downtown, oversaw economic growth, pulled the City out of dept, eased racial tensions, and become a beloved story time reader in our Youth Services Department. Over all, Don Green has been the bomb. How many city mayors can not only say they have left their city better than they found, but VASTLY better? Mayor Green can. Soon, we'll be traveling into the great unknown, Kankakee under new management. I have my fingers (and my toes) crossed.

Steve Bertrand
Assistant Director


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