Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Time = Hope

I have now experienced something twice in my life that I hope never happens to any of my readers. I have been nearby when someone I care about has suffered a stroke. The first time was two years ago when my father, already suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, was stricken; then again, last week, when one of our board members fell ill while attending a library public program. There was one major difference between these two instances. In the first, our family delayed, not sure what the odd symptoms meant. In the second, our board president was talking to her colleague when she immediately recognized the tell-tale signs. Our board president demanded, not requested, that her friend go with her to the hospital immediately, and so they went. My father died two weeks after his stroke. Our board member has been given absolutely every chance of recovery because of the calm decisive action of our president. I urge everyone reading this to review the symptoms of a stroke, and not be concerned with petty embarrassment if you suspect a stroke may be occurring. Time = Hope.

Signs of a stroke from the National Stroke Association


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