Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nancy Drew Rules

Some people just seem to age well. There's a new Nancy Drew movie coming out next week and she's looking better than ever, especially for someone who has been around for over 75 years. I remember reading hand me down copies of Nancy Drew books growing up. I would carefully write and illustrate reviews of my favorite ones. I looked forward to watching the too short lived "Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries" staring Shaun Cassidy, the dreamy Parker Stevenson, and of course Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew. So what's Nancy's secret to staying hip and popular? I did a little sleuthing of my own and this is what I found out.

While Nancy Drew mysteries have continually been in print since 1930, over the years the books have been reedited and revised. Not just the cover art, but the text itself. Nancy has gone from driving a Roadster to a Mustang, and later editions contain fewer chapters and are quicker paced. Despites the changes, Nancy Drew remains true to herself; she is inquisitive, smart, resourceful, forever young, and helpful. Nancy Drew just might have discovered the clues to being a successful librarian in the 21st Century.

Cindy Fuerst
Library Director


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