Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I attended my first SirsiDynix Webinar last week; the topic was writing for the library profession. One of the tips given by the presenters was "SIGN IT. If you can't, don't write it." I thought that was very good advice, but at the end of the hour program, that idea was challenged.
Apparently there are librarians who feel that if they speak up, their jobs will be jeopardized. My mind races.... to insecure administrators who are so controlling that the employees can't say "boo" without repercussions ....to gossipy employees telling tall tales that breech patron confidentiality.
I've read anonymous comments posted on numerous library blogs. They are often negative and sometimes even mean spirited. I always wonder about the person's credibility. There is no way of following up with them to clarify a point, or to correct the problem. To me when someone makes an anonymous comment, they are not interested in finding a solution or in improving their library or the library profession, they are interested in complaining.
You know who I am; who are you?

Cindy Fuerst
Library Director


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