Thursday, December 04, 2008

Acting Happy to be Acting Director

As most of our readers probably already know, our Library is about to undergo a huge, and might I add scary, change. Our director and my co-conspirator here on She Said, He Said is leaving our library. Our Library Board, in what I hope is an act of wisdom, has named me Acting Director until a permanent successor can be named. I feel a lot like Commander Riker. In several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, he had command of the Enterprise either offered to him or forced on him. In every case he either turned it down or the heroic Captain Picard returned at the end of the hour to take back his familiar duties. Sadly, real life isn't like TV. Change is far more permanent. I won't go through all of Cindy's accomplishments and what she has meant to our library and to Kankakee at large. That has been covered extensively other places, as it should be. For me, it is as simple as this: my friend, my partner, and my mentor is moving away. It's time for her "Number One" to take the big chair, for a while anyway. Fortunately I have the best crew in Library Land to keep me from crashing into any planets.

Steve Bertrand
Soon to be Acting Director


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