Monday, February 25, 2008


This February marks our fourth anniversary of our grand opening of our new facility. It seems hard to believe, but it is for real.

This February we are on track to have more "virtual visitors" (people who visit our website), than actual visitors who walk through our doors. It may seem hard to believe since the number of actual visitors who walked through our doors has gone up by 195% since our first year here, but it is for real.

This February we added not one, but two T-1 lines to increase our bandwidth for Internet access. It may seem hard to believe that we maxed out a T-1 line, but it is for real.

This February we broke our all time high record for program attendance - we had approximately 350 people to hear Elizabeth Eckford speak at our Library. Ms. Eckford was one of the "Little Rock Nine" that helped to desegregate Little Rock High School in 1957. It seems hard to believe that after four years we are breaking records, but it is for real.

This February our City Council approved a plan to expand our Library. We are in a private-public office building where the first three (soon to be four) floors are the Library, and the top four (soon to be three) floors are private office space. The fourth floor, which will add over 12,000 square feet to our Library, will primarily be an auditorium. We also have plans to have an art gallery, computer lab, and conference rooms. It passed by a unanimous vote, and the only comments by the aldermen were praise for what the Library is doing. No one could have imagined the success and support that we continue to receive for our community, but it is for real.

Happy Reading,
Cindy Fuerst
Library Director


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